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2ND QUARTER | 2018
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MBE Business Awards

2ND QUARTER | 2018

During our 2018 Annual Conference on June 12, 2018, to be held at the University of Washington, the Council will be awarding two MBE Business Awards. 

The Council will present performance awards in two categories: MBE-to-MBE Spend Award; and, MBE Inclusion Award. 

MBE-to-MBE Spend Award - Awarded to the Northwest Mountain MSDC certified MBE based on overall percentage of MBE spend with peer Northwest Mountain MSDC Certified MBEs in 2017 against total revenue.
MBE Inclusion Award - Awarded to the Northwest Mountain MSDC Certified MBE with the deepest pool of Council Peer MBE suppliers. Recognizing that a firm’s size will affect overall percentage of spend, this award is measured by the number of Council Certified MBEs with whom you transacted business in 2017.

A workbook will be provided to MBEs who want to be considered for the awards. The Council looks forward to receiving your information so we can highlight your impact within our MBE Community. Just as importantly, we look forward to recognizing the award winners in front of your peers.

For more information or to nominate your company, visit MBE Business Awards.

Early Registration Ends April 30

2ND QUARTER | 2018

MBEs are urged to register early for the 2018 Annual Conference to make the most out of One-on-One Business Engagement Sessions.

One-on-One Business Engagement Sessions are designed to match Certified MBEs with opportunities from Corporate/Public Agency Members during the 2018 Annual Conference.  The meetings are scheduled by the Council from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM on the afternoon of the conference.  Each meeting lasts 15 minutes.  

However, MBEs cannot set-up meetings with Corporate/Public Agency Members.  It is up to the members to select which MBEs to meet based on the enhanced MBE profiles provided by the Council.

Enhanced MBE profiles are created upon registration for the 2018 Annual Conference.  

Early registration allows the Council enough time to promote your company to Corporate/Public Agency Members. This also allows Supplier Diversity Executives to pull together their Sourcing/Procurement Teams and find appropriate individuals who may want to meet with MBEs. Last minute registration limits time within which to match MBEs to potential opportunities.

Last minute registrations are counter productive since there is very little time left to gather sourcing teams and most appointment spots fill up weeks before the conference.

If an MBE is interested in meeting a Corporate/Public Agency Member, or present a new product, service, solution or innovation, this is the best time to do it.  Plan ahead and plan early.

Please register by: April 30, 2018

For more information, please visit One-on-One Business Engagement Sessions.

What's Your Story?

2ND QUARTER | 2018

The Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC) wants to feature MBEs.

MBE stories will appear on the Council website, social media and other marketing and communications channels currently in-use by the Council.

We have available spotlights on the following topics:

  • MBE to MBE Business
  • Innovation
  • Product  or Service Excellence (Quality, Features and/or Performance)


  • This is a complementary service offered by the Council to help promote MBEs
  • Original material written and submitted by MBE, with minimal editing required
  • First-come-first-served basis
  • Must adhere to Council's mission, vision and values
  • Subject to Co uncil's  privacy policy and legal disclaimer 

If you are interested in having your company featured, contact Alex Llorente via email at