Preparing for Effective Engagement with MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Union Bank is committed to promoting economic vitality within the community. What Union Bank can do for you:

  • Teach you how to become part of contracting and procurement process
  • Match your company's products and services with the needs of Union Bank
  • Help you gain recognition with the bank's purchasing decision makers

Key Requirements for a Capabilities Statement

1. Company name is clearly presented and contact information is easy to find (including web address)

  • Often the company name get overshadowed by graphics or is not presented large enough

2. Short overview of company’s products/services

  • Core competencies/strengths…not everything under the sun

3. Past performance, not just corporate logos of firms you’ve done business with. 

  • Good examples, if they are able to disclose are: multi-floor tenant improvements for ABC Bank; multi-cultural lending campaign for XYZ Bank.

4. Provie your DBE certifications.

5. Be creative.

  • If you’re in an industry, i.e. general contractors, architectural services, landscaping, etc., where a picture can illustrate and showcase your work, add one or two.
  • If you’re an advertising/marketing/media agency, your capabilities statement should reflect creativity as it becomes a visual resume
  • If you’re a staffing firm, you should clearly state whether you’re primarily and IT or non-IT staffing firm.  If you do both, you should still only highlight which is your core competency. 
  • And if you provide services to a particular industry more than others, then that should also be highlighted.  For Union Bank, if most of your clients are in the tech sector and most of your placements are in IT positions, there is low probability of getting an invitation to participate in the RFP.  So you need to ensure you have the right corporate targets when seeking new business opportunities. 

6. If you want to expand your client base to different industries, be able to articulate some past experience that is pertinent to your audience.

7. Try not to write essays and/or long paragraphs as most readers will not be interested.  Create a format that one can scan over content of interest.

8. Present in one page (preferred but not required)

  • Make it available in both hard copy and digital (digital versions can easily get passed along, and lessen the burden of paper which also takes up space)

9. And something that you don’t hear often, it is highly recommended to have your capabilities statement in PDF format.


Examples of Capabilities Statements and Comments

ClearRES:  Very easy to scan these two pages and pick up pertinent information needed to learn of their competencies and determine interest.  Nicely laid out and is very complete in providing the right information.  In this case where they only used logos works, as they have a broad representation of clients in different industries which shows their experience in servicing, i.e. retail, tech, financial svcs, utilities, real estate, airlines, etc.

Kupferstein Manual LLP:  Their first sentence says it all “…is an AV rated LA boutique trial firm specializing in employment and general business litigation”.  Done.  Their capabilities are listed along-side their overview.  All other key information is there, plus photos and bios of the principals.  This is great in this case because they are partners in the firm.  Testimonials are nice too, but it makes more of an impact when you’re able to list company names and or client names.

More Examples of Capabilities Statement and Comments

Bleu Marketing Solutions, Inc.:  A very nice and complete one-page capabilities statement.  Two things I might consider changing on this is moving the “WHY” to the top.  The other is expanding their client list to include other industries and less focused on providing big name tech companies because the goal is to make sure the reader can relate to the experience.  So in this case for the bank, it’s not as apparent, but because I’ve spoken with this company many times, so I feel confident in their ability to service the bank.  However, had I not taken the time just based on their statement, and chose to put them in file, I would not have gotten to know them.

JCP Industries, LLC:  Very succinct in depicting what they do.  Nice display of photos of their work and list of their past performance.  I like that as a general contractor, they listed their bonding capacity, which is an important factor to determine whether they meet corporate requirements.

Granite Solutions Groupe:  I’m not typically a fan of a multi-page capabilities statement, but this is an example of one that is very well done.  I always like when firms start with “why” (I’m a Simon Sinek fan).  This statement clearly reflects their business verticals, skill sets and their expertise.  Their past performance has great examples that can resonate with the reader in ascertaining interest.  Footprint and contact information is visually clear.  I like that they also talk about their own commitment to the community…it’s a nice touch.