Preparing for effective engagement with City of Seattle

Department of Transportation (SDOT)

About SDOT (Public Agency)

The SDOT procurement process is in line with the City of Seattle‘s procurement process.  MBE qualifications become very important when it comes to certain purchases.  Procurement agents spending below $50K can check their supplier directory and work with anybody that meets their needs. Larger purchases may require rosters and competitor solicitations.  Statements of qualifications come up the most with consultant services and purchases below $50K.

Doing Business with SDOT

1. Register in the supplier system/directory

2. If you already have a statement of qualifications that is already developed with graphics, bullet points and some formatting, upload and use that instead of typing in things into the directory.  These tend to be used and shared a lot better than unformatted text.

3. Have everything succinct and organized in a clean layout

4. Have a uniform messaging/content across all platforms, including website, etc.

5. Make information easy to find and user friendly

6. Know what is going on with the city

7. Understand the procurement process (which may be different for each agency)

Capabilities Statement - Tips

1. Statement of qualifications must be up-to-date

  • Update regularly
  • Include major milestone events
  • List new things on your capabilities statement (new customer, new capability

2. Stay current (or something that you will be doing in 3-5 years)

  • Do not list something that is over 5-20 years ago
  • Include something that you are capable of right now

3. No limit but 4-6 pages is ideal