Notes from Conference Call with AT&T, Boeing, Microsoft, SDOT & Starbucks

Corporate/Public Agency Member Panelists Discuss Tips for Effective Engagement

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1. Key points from Member Panelists:

  • Aligning MBE and corporate values
  • Where and how can you show examples of your core values and actions?
    • Demonstrate “actionable activities & results” vs. “more words”
  • Show examples of “operational excellence”
    • 40% of presentation time is wasted on “song & dance” vs. “actionable solutions with positive resultant outcomes.”
  • Demonstrate MBE relevance to the customer
    • What are the takeaways you have presented that will enable corporate members to make sound business decisions?
      • Need to build rapport and trust
      • Do not just “show up and throw up”
  • Demonstrate how your product and/or service is transformative
  • Demonstrate how your product and/or service is going to help your customer grow
    • Come in with a “growth mindset”
  • Show your relevance through actions which have “measurable results”


2. Information for MBE participants:

  • Prepare for the meeting
  • “Show up correctly”
    • Know who you are meeting with
    • What is the purpose of the meeting?
    • What are we presenting, what problem are we trying to solve?
  • It is important to demonstrate and articulate your “past performance”
  • Know who your target audience is:
    • What company are you targeting?
    • What agency are you targeting?
    • Where within these markets is your product and/or service relevant?
  • Your Capability Statement should be tailored for each member/client/target customer
  • What is your “universal approach?”
    • What is your “WOW factor?”
    • What is your “differentiating effect?”
  • How are we truly able to know who you are?
    • What do you do and how do you do it?
  • What is your “Value Proposition” (which enables you to approach an organization)?
  • What is the “Business Case” you can present (which clearly proves your value)?
  • How is your product and/or service “relevant to the business?”
  • Your Capabilities Statement is intended to is to cause an action:
    • Response vs. no response
    • “Convince me to engage in a live conversation”
    • Why should I be interested in working with you?
  • Large PowerPoint presentations do not create the need to engage in conversation
  • How do you create a Capabilities Statement that will make me want to pick up the phone and speak with you?
    • Having a live conversation creates a better understanding of both businesses


3. Tips:

  • Make your communication relevant
  • Succinctness is good
  • Show up correctly
  • Universal metrics that speak to everyone
  • Updating your Capabilities Statement periodically is a good practice
  • Clean look
  • Capabilities Statement should match your website – create “one voice”


4. Tell Me:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where have you done this?
  • What were the results of this engagement?
  • How do you believe this is relevant to your customer?
  • How do you believe this can help your customer?
  • What results do you believe

Please check back soon for updates on how to do business with each Member Panelist.

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