Preparing for effective engagement with the Boeing Corporation

About Boeing (Global Corporation – Aerospace & Technology)

Boeing works within various business units which include Defense Procurement, Commercial Procurement and Non-Production Procurement (NPP).  Most of our MBEs are engaged with Shared Services Group (SSG) which is part of NPP.  MBE information may be shared within various divisions based on referrals from procurement agents within each division.

    Doing Business with Boeing

    1. Do your homework prior to coming over

    • What program or activity is coming up?
    • What do they need?
    • Where is there a need?
    • When do they need it

    2. Where to find what they need:

    • Company’s website/supplier diversity page
    • Company’s news page or blog (Example: 2017)
    • Recap of annual meetings – which direction is the company going?
    • Research 10-K statements
    • Company’s social media pages
    • News about the company
    • Northwest Mountain MSDC and/or other NMSDC affiliates

    3. They get hundreds of emails every week, what is it that makes you different?

    4. Register on their supplier portal

    • Keep your profile up to date
    • Utilize keywords
    • What is your distinguishing factor from other suppliers of similar products/services?

    5. Know that divisions may be independent from one another

    • Research information on where their company is going. 
    • Based on your research, how can you work with their teams?
    • One relationship, experience, profile or presentation for one division may not be exactly the same with another division

    6. Use referrals

    • Use your supplier diversity contacts as points of contact for other departments
    • Mention any relationships that you have already built within their organization
    • Mention if you supported one of their programs and platforms

    7. Cultivate your relationship with the company

    • Continue to stay in-touch/continuous communication/ continue with innovations
    • What to say: Inform them if there is anything new
    • Provide proof of concept
    • What not to do: don’t stay stagnant

    Capabilities Statement - Tips

    1. Be clear about what you can bring to the table

    2. Be specific to the product, the service or the brand

    3. Include NAICS codes

    4. How can you distinguish yourself from the competitors out there?

    5. Use cases to substantiate your statement

    • Provide example of product/service similar to what they need that you have provided to another customer (no need to say the name)
    • How you were able to support them
    • How you solved the problem
    • Did you save them money?  If yes, what is the value?

    6. If you have done work with another division within their organization, it helps to identify that on your capabilities statement

    7. Clearly identify certifications, socio-economic category and scope

    8. Organize your layout so that they can hone in on information and find specific things they may be looking for

    9. 1 or 2 pages


    Supplier Diversity at Boeing