Seattle Head Tax affects minority, diverse and small businesses: NWM MSDC President

The Seattle City Council is proposing a Seattle Head Tax of $0.26042 per employee hour worked in Seattle from companies generating over $20 million in annual revenues to provide housing and support services to over 8,500 individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Seattle Homeless and Housing Affordability problem that everyone, business, community, and public agencies acknowledge. However, from a business perspective, more specifically the Minority, Diverse, and Small Business (MDSB) perspective, unintended consequences may be risky at best and can certainly be destructive.

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Did you get the first issue of Quarterly News?

The first issue of Quarterly News, Northwest Mountain MSDC's electronic newsletter was sent out today to Council members and certified MBEs. The newsletter contained the Council's 2017 Calendar of Events, important links, reminders and listings of staff and Board of Directors. If you have not done so, you can join the Council's mailing list by on their website's Subscribe Page:

Quarterly News Volume 1 January 2017

Quarterly News Volume 1 January 2017