Top 10 things to do if your account has been hacked

Highlights from the checklist: Account Compromised – Things to Consider Checklist

  1. Check if your malware and virus protection is working and if not, get the next generation software.

  2. Check your privacy and security options.  Pay attention to the exceptions and whitelists.

  3. Check your email settings and rules to ensure your emails are not being forwarded to another account.

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Winning with MBE to MBE Business

The Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC) values Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) business engagement.  To highlight the benefits of MBE to MBE partnerships and collaboration, we interviewed Carmen Nazario, Minority, Woman and Veteran-Owner and President of ELYON International, Inc., and MBE to MBE advocate.

How active is your company with MBE to MBE business engagement?

We are quite active with the MBE community and have been steadily working with MBEs for over twelve years on various types of business engagements.  In some cases we were the prime contractor (prime) and they were the sub-contractor (sub).  In other cases we were the sub and they were the prime.  The earliest MBE partnership I can recall was around 2005.  The longest—and largest in terms of revenue—was a five year contract with a federal agency, which ended in 2017.  In that particular instance, ELYON International was the prime.

Overall, how did working with MBEs (past and present) impact your business?

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