Two Council MBEs Awarded Top Honors

Of the 16 Regional Suppliers of the Year named by the National Minority Supplier Development Council, two are from the Northwest Mountain region: ZONES, Inc. and Dynamic Language. Four of the regional suppliers will be named National Supplier of the Year at the NMSDC’s annual conference next week.


Congratulations to the NMSDC 2015 Regional Suppliers of the Year nominees from the Northwest Mountain region!


The honors “are given annually to minority suppliers who have distinguished themselves … by successfully demonstrating growth in sales and employment while overcoming significant obstacles; consistently providing high-quality products, services, and solutions at competitive prices; and significant contributing to the growth and development of their community,” the NMSDC said in a letter to the companies.

ZONES, Inc. is an Auburn, Wash.-based Class IV supplier providing IT services and solutions. Dynamic Language, out of Seattle, is a Class II supplier and offers translation, localization, and interpretation services. Both have received multiple honors from the Northwest Mountain MSDC in the past.

“To be considered for the National Supplier of the Year Award is a testament to our team’s focus on enhancing and differentiating our customers’ experiences with ZONES over the past year,” said ZONES President and CEO Murray Wright in a press release. “We thank the NMSDC for the Regional Supplier of the Year Award and look forward to helping our customers reach even higher levels of success in the future.”

With the award and its 30th  birthday next month, Dynamic Language is going through an exciting time. “We are very proud. We’re competing with many companies that are very capable and some that are larger than us,” said Maria Antezana, president and CEO.

Antezana credits the Northwest Mountain MSDC for playing a role in where Dynamic Language is there today. Council President and CEO Fernando Martinez “has always been our champion,” she said, “and he’s been very proud of us when we’ve made major accomplishments.”

It is very rewarding to see our Council MBEs recognized on a national platform,” Martinez said. “ZONES and Dynamic have been major supporters of the Council, major supporters of our regional MBEs, and deserve recognition. Their recognition has been a long time coming. I am very proud of Maria, Firoz [Lalji, ZONES Chairman of the Board], and their teams that create magic at the last 3 feet for their customers day in and day out.”

Award-Winning MBE Celebrates 30 Years

The Northwest Mountain MSDC congratulates Dynamic Language on its upcoming 30th anniversary. Based in Seattle, the MBE and woman-owned family business offers translation, localization, and interpretation services in 150 languages. Dynamic Language was named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies for the past six years and has won honors from the Northwest Mountain and National MSDCs.

The company also recently celebrated record annual revenues of $10.4 million, which Partner Sandy Dupleich attributes to the company values instilled by her parents, founders Ricardo and Maria Antezana.

“We’ve always focused on treating our customers well, treating our employees well,” Dupleich said. Dynamic Language has emphasized financial conservatism and sustainability in business, with a third generation of family members now working at the company. “The work ethic of our founders has been the cornerstone of our company.”

Dupleich says the company will continue to follow those values and deliver quality services to clients well into the future. “We know what it takes to create and sustain a business,” she said. “I don’t believe doing anything drastic [in terms of business practices] makes sense.”

Dupleich also plans to continue her deep involvement with the Northwest Mountain MSDC, which she calls “a really great tool.”

“Certification as well as local connections, local advocates, has definitely served to solidify relationships with current corporate customers and created relationships with new corporate customers,” she said. “But just being certified is certainly not enough by any means. It’s active participation, looking for opportunities, making conversation. It takes work. And we’re grateful to be able to attend those events that put us right in front of corporate partners and government agencies.”

“I definitely believe in the mission of the Council,” Dupleich added. “I believe in what it’s trying to accomplish.”