What is TIG?

The global leader in advancing diverse suppliers in global corporate supply chains for the tech industry.

Technology Industry Group (TIG) was comprised of telecom-specific companies. In 2012, TIG merged with another diversity industry group leader, the Information Systems Technology Group (ISTG), to form the Technology Industry Group. Today, TIG is more representative of a broad industry where telecom, consumer electronics, and enterprise hardware and software have merged into one supply chain. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to bring supplier diversity into the next generation of supply chains. (Source: tigsd.org)

TIG's mission is: “To Drive Change in the High Tech Industry That Will Result in Diverse Businesses Becoming Strategic Partners in Our Supply Chains.”

Why is TIG important?  

"TIG Supplier Diversity creates a commonality of needs and issues in a non-competitive setting.  They can collectively solve problems and create a tremendous impact for diverse suppliers. Supplier diversity takes workforce diversity to an exponential level, impacting not only employees, but business owners, their employees and their communities."  

                                          - Fernando Martinez, President and CEO, Northwest Mountain MSDC.