Year of Relevance: 2016 Council Year End Report

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (JANUARY 11, 2017) – The Northwest Mountain MSDC released the 2016 Annual Report to Council members, Certified MBEs, subscribers and other stakeholders.  Calling 2016 a “year of significant impact,” Council President and CEO was pleased to present growing numbers and a consistent pattern of accomplishments.  “We bring nothing but good news!” he said.

The report revealed and elevated our position as the region’s premiere Supplier Diversity organization through leadership, innovation and collaboration with industry experts and influencers – paving the way for more meaningful business engagements and growth.

The Council’s roadmap resulted in an ability to achieve Council and network goals:

  ·         Hosted Education, Development, Networking, and Fundraising Events in accordance with NMSDC Affiliate Agreement

·         Managed financial performance effectively

·         Measured sponsorship return-on-investment

·         Effectively invested in relevant activities

The Council actively supported community and business events within the region, promoting and participating in over 50 events in 2016.


Important Links:

View the 2016 Annual Report Presentation.

Download the PDF version of 2016 Annual Report from the Download Page.