MBEIC Seeks MBE Advocates

In Search Of: MBEs to share their thoughts and concerns, to advocate for other MBEs, and to communicate their issues with the Northwest Mountain MSDC. Better yet: MBEs to bridge the gap between MBEs and corporate members, to be change agents, and to serve the Council—by joining the MBE Input Committee.

The Council is seeking input as well as new members for the MBEIC, a standing committee that function as a liaison between MBEs and other groups of Council stakeholders, including staff, the Board of Directors, and corporate members.

Shahzad Qadri, newly elected MBEIC chair, says the committee’s goals are to educate and manage MBEs’ expectations of corporations and vice versa, train MBEs on selling their products and services to corporations, and open up a dialogue between MBEs and corporations.

Those who are interested in joining the MBEIC can start by attending a committee meeting, organizing a small event, or just emailing Qadri at sqadri@wongfleming.com.