New Year, New Brand for the Council

2015 is already proving to be exciting for the Northwest Mountain MSDC, as it starts off the year with a new, fresh look.

Members and MBEs may have noticed the tri-colored logo last year. The logo was developed as part of a larger effort on the part of the National MSDC to “consolidate the branding as one organization” and signify the internal structural standardization that the NMSDC was doing, said Fernando Martinez, president and CEO of the Northwest Mountain MSDC.

Members and MBEs will be most impacted by changes to the Council’s website in 2015, renderings of which Martinez showed off at the Dec. 17 Economic Summit. Visitors to the site will experience not only an upgraded landing page, but also a site that will have mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly versions.

“It’s a complete refacing,” Martinez said. “We’re in the process of defining the additional collateral that we’ll need, but we just want to let everybody know that it’s 2015 and we’re rolling out in a new way.”

The Council is also planning to launch consulting services this year, providing services in seven specific areas to Corporate Members with needs for those services. “The beauty of this is that we will be pulling in MBEs to support the work—the MBEs are going to be our subcontractors,” Martinez said.

This service will meet the needs of Corporate Members, help MBEs expand and grow, and serve as a new revenue stream for the Council itself. “Everybody wins,” Martinez said.