Register for the Member & MBE Development Day!

The Council is hosting the Member & MBE Development Day at the Doubletree Guest Suites in Southcenter on September 24th. This full day of sessions and workshops for members and certified MBEs will focus on ways to develop business. The many interactive workshops include marketing, sales, MBE development and contracting with expert panelists and moderators. Contact to register!  

Date: September 24, 2014
Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: DoubleTree Suites, 16500 Southcenter Pkwy,Seattle, WA 98188
Sessions: *Subject to Change*
Sessions include:


1. MBE Success Panel:
Meet with MBE Executives that have experienced success and are committed to sharing their knowledge with you.

2. Real Business:
In this workshop, we will address what it takes to build a successful business.
Business owners work extremely hard and make many sacrifices to grow their businesses. Many business owners spend the majority of their time working in their businesses instead of on their businesses. Consequently, many of the critical business planning issues go unaddressed. This can create adverse implications for the success and viability of the business in the future. In this workshop we address these issues head on. Attendees will have the opportunity to take inventory of where they stand on each of the key business planning issues addressed and gauge the overall effectiveness of their current business planning strategy. 
We will discuss:

* Business succession planning

* Business continuation planning

* Business valuation

* Cash flow and debt management

* Business financing

* Attracting and retaining key employees

* Retirement planning

* Estate planning 

3. Supplier Diversity Leaders can be your Champions:
Leveraging your relationship with the Supplier Diversity Leader may reduce the amount of time it takes to build a working relationship with Corporate Members. Supplier Diversity Leaders are your consultants. They are able to share how to navigate the internal workings of an organization. They are able to assist you prepare for presentations in their organizational culture. Supplier Diversity Leaders can help you reduce the amount of time it takes getting to the right person. Session Takeaway: You will have a better understanding of how to effectively work with your Supplier Diversity Leader to improve your probability of successful engagement.

4. Marketing your Business:
Having a great product or delivering a great service is only one piece of Marketing your Business. Understanding how to effectively market your business, means understanding how to communicate the value of your product and or service to potential customers as well as strengthen your business relationship with existing customers. 

5. Export - Import:
Understanding the Export/Import discipline can help bolster your business. Learn firsthand from experienced global market individuals on what it takes to intelligently plan entry into the global market, and resources available to explore and support your global growth strategy.  

Corporate Members:

1. Member Best Practice Workshop:

Meet with your peer Supplier Diversity Leaders to share and discuss current state of affairs. What are the Supplier Diversity prevailing trends, activities, issues, and concerns? What is working well and adding value to your Supplier Diversity practice? 
Session takeaway: Learn how your peer Supplier Diversity Leaders are working through current issue as well as improving their Supplier Diversity performance. 

2. Member Tier 2 Workshop:
Implementing a Tier 2 Practice can support improve your overall supplier spend as well as help develop MBEs as subcontractors. Meet with other Supplier Diversity Leaders that utilize Supplier Diversity Tier 2 Practice to bolster their overall spend and develop suppliers in a safe environment. Understand how to define and measure Tier 2 Direct Spend and Tier 2 Indirect Spend. Session takeaway: Learn how a Tier 2 strategy can support grow your diversity spend while supporting MBE development.

3. Market Linkage to Supplier Diversity Workshop:
Demographics are changing and soon the Minority will become the Majority. How do we as Supplier Diversity Leaders describe the linkage between the changing market/customer base and Supplier Diversity? What is the Value Proposition? Where is the intersection where customer (Consumer - Procurement Leaders) loyalty is truly based on the knowledge that organizations practice Supplier Diversity?
Session takeaway: After exploring the linkage between changing demographics and market growth, we will begin to understand the difficulty in linking demographic shifts to supply chain inclusion. What role will Supplier Diversity Leaders play in sharing the value of linking a diverse market to a diverse supply chain?