Northwest Mountain MSDC elections coming

Elections are coming up for several Northwest Mountain MSDC and Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) officer positions as required by Northwest Mountain MSDC Operating Guidelines.

Northwest Mountain MSDC and MBEIC Operating Guidelines state that its officers are to be elected biennially by a majority of the Northwest Mountain MSDC membership and MBEs respectively by mail or electronic ballot. Northwest Mountain MSDC officer positions up for election include Board Vice Chair and Board Secretary, and MBEIC officer positions up for election include MBEIC Chair, Vice Chair, Regional Vice Chairs, and MBEIC Secretary. 

The election process officially begins on October 10th when nomination forms and instructions are sent to all Northwest Mountain MSDC and certified MBEs. Nomination forms are due October 24th.

After a review to see if all nominees have met position requirements, the Northwest Mountain MSDC Election/Nominating Committee will send nomination acceptance forms to candidates. Nominated individuals have until November 14th to decide whether or not to accept or decline their nominations.

Official voting begins November 19th. Only members can vote in Northwest Mountain MSDC election and only certified MBEs can vote in the MBEIC election. All ballots must be submitted electronically to the Council office by no later than 5 p.m. Friday December 5th.

Northwest Mountain MSDC officers work to support the Board Chair, in collaboration with the Council President, towards furthering the Councils mission of identifying and developing educational and business opportunities for MBEs, Corporations, and Public Agencies designed to produce stakeholder growth.

MBEIC officers work in conjunction with the Council President, staff and its Board of Directors to provide advice and input regarding the Council's various programs and conduct other activities designed to enhance minority economic development.

Elected officers will serve 2-year terms and election results will be announced during the Northwest Mountain MSDC Year-end meeting on December 17th.