MBE to MBE Success!

Being part of the Northwest Mountain MSDC means not only do you have valuable resources to help you and your business flourish but you also have access to an extensive network of certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). Many of our MBEs use our formal and informal venues to meet with potential clients including MBE buyers.

We're excited to hear that EE Printing, a family owned full-service print shop, was able to receive business from Sybis, a company that provides scalable access control solutions. Both companies are certified MBEs.

EE Printing -

Year founded: 2007

Headquarters: Kent, WA.

President: Tory Nguyen

Website: www.eeprinting.com

Phone: (425) 656-1250

Description: EE Printing offers a combined knowledge of offset printing (one color to multi-color), digital printing, graphic design, bulk mail and binding. EE Printing dedicates themselves to providing the best products and service at a competitive price.

Sybis -

Year founded: 2012

Headquarters: Bellevue, WA.

President: Jeremy Djajadi

Website: www.sybissolution.com

Phone: (206) 686-8463

Description: Securing Your Business Intelligently and Scalable (Sybis) provides its clients with scalable access control solutions. Previously known as iCrescendo, formed in 2002, they maintain a solid reputation as the access control solution provider, particularly for CyberLock. Whether it be securing a daycare, worship center, or protecting one whole nation's electric utility grid, they are here to help our customers meet their needs.