Cintas Partnership!

Cintas Partnership

The Northwest Mountain MSDC in partnership with Cintas, hosted an MBE "Winning the Complex Sale" MBE workshop on May 28th. Ten certified MBEs participated in the training which received 99% positive feedback. The training provided valuable insight into the sales process.

Topics included developing a sales strategy that works, effectively identifying potential customers, managing the sales cycle, closing the deal, negotiating and winning deals, communicating with your potential customers and improving your sales skills. Some attendees state the following:

"I don't have that much sales training so this was a great introduction from people who know and used to train people in sales. I found the information to be dynamic. The training was moldable enough to meet my needs. There was a general approach to sales and I really needed to hear it especially about how to do face to face interaction with clients, conducting cold calls, working with an internal team to close deals, making a plan and identifying contacts and personalities!" - Steven Jones, Arth Systems

"This training made us rethink on how to do sales so that we can reintroduce a mythology with looking for more results. It was a very positive experience. Without having the proper tools, it is hard to maintain a presence in the market so this training really helped!" - Hans Gomez, TripleNet Technologies

MBEs came out of the session with a greater idea on how to close those complex sales and increase their revenue!