Seattle Head Tax affects minority, diverse and small businesses: NWM MSDC President

The Seattle City Council is proposing a Seattle Head Tax of $0.26042 per employee hour worked in Seattle from companies generating over $20 million in annual revenues to provide housing and support services to over 8,500 individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Seattle Homeless and Housing Affordability problem that everyone, business, community, and public agencies acknowledge. However, from a business perspective, more specifically the Minority, Diverse, and Small Business (MDSB) perspective, unintended consequences may be risky at best and can certainly be destructive.

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AT&T, Boeing and Union Bank among "Top 50 Companies for Diversity"

Congratulations to Northwest Mountain MSDC Corporate Members AT&T, Inc., The Boeing Company and MUFG Union Bank, N.A. for making it into the 2018 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity. AT&T remained in the top three position for the second year, and top six on the 2018 Top Companies for Supplier Diversity.  The company continues to build on the success of its supplier diversity program, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 

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Top 10 things to do if your account has been hacked

Highlights from the checklist: Account Compromised – Things to Consider Checklist

  1. Check if your malware and virus protection is working and if not, get the next generation software.

  2. Check your privacy and security options.  Pay attention to the exceptions and whitelists.

  3. Check your email settings and rules to ensure your emails are not being forwarded to another account.

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Council memo regarding Stream Gift Card email spoof

Announcements | Fernando Martinez

Dear Stakeholders,

Memo Purpose:  This memo is intended to inform you about a very recent hack which has taken place.  Within the last 24 hours, my Outlook and LinkedIn Accounts have been spoofed.  No one else in our office has been compromised.  Some of you may have already received or may receive “authentic looking messages” from my account requesting $500 in $100 and $50 denominations via “Steam Gift Card” activation. 

 Actions: We are in the process of locking down all our unsolicited points of entry.  We are communicating with our technologist to ensure we lock down our access while continuing to provide service to all our stakeholders.  If you receive such a message, immediately delete it from your mail.  Do not purchase any cards.  Do not communicate with the person on the other side of the message - they are pushy!  We have determined that this spoof originated in Nigeria, but cloaked to appear as if it was coming from my email address.

 Current State: We are committed and have taken measures to protect against these types of activities.  However, nonprofit organizations continue to be major targets for cybercrimes.  We have conducted a Cyber Security Assessment and are pleased to inform you that the findings state: “Northwest Mountain MSDC’s data is well-defended by various layers of security controls” (GMI. Feb. 2018).  Our Member, MBE, and Community information is very important to us.  Taking measures against security threats is top of mind with us daily.  The Council’s MBE files are protected by various layers of security.  Our Office Operating System is protected on the Cloud.  And, this intrusion has been reported to the appropriate organizations. 

 Request for Assistance:  With your assistance, we can shut down the email spoof with little or no impact to our stakeholders.  How you can help:  1. immediately delete any request for money coming from my email address, 2. do not send cash to anyone; and, 3. immediately notify the Council of such messaging.

Thank you for your understanding.  We will keep you updated on our activities to keep data and communications secured.  Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Fernando Martinez

President and CEO, Northwest Mountain MSDC

Meet Sharon S. Lucas, Board Chairperson of Northwest Mountain MSDC

Announcements | Alex Llorente

“Supplier diversity is a business imperative,” said Sharon S. Lucas, the new Board Chairperson of Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC), when asked about the importance of supplier diversity.

 Sharon S. Lucas,   Program Manager, Integrated Services | Indirect Supply Chain, Supply Chain and Operations,  The Boeing Company   Board Chairperson, Northwest Mountain MSDC

Sharon S. Lucas, 

Program Manager, Integrated Services | Indirect Supply Chain, Supply Chain and Operations, The Boeing Company

Board Chairperson, Northwest Mountain MSDC

Sharon is currently Program Manager, Strategic Work Placement within the Integrated Services | Indirect Supply Chain, Supply Chain & Operations at the Boeing Company.  Sharon and her team are responsible for identifying, developing and advocating for a pool of minority suppliers, while partnering and collaborating with procurement for supplier bid list recommendations. In addition, they support organizations such as the Northwest Mountain MSDC in developing suppliers to maximize supplier diversity goals.  

Sharon has been affiliated with the Council since 2010 and has served as Board Secretary since 2016. In January, 2018, Sharon was appointed as Interim Board Chairperson when Gary Sheneman (of Microsoft Corporation), former Board Chairperson concluded his term. On March 16, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to confirm Sharon as the Board Chairperson.

In her 28 years with Boeing, Sharon has held a wide variety of Management and cross functional assignments and progressive leadership roles within Indirect Supply Chain, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, Space & Security.  Prior to her current role, Sharon served as the Chief of Staff to the Indirect Supply Chain Vice President and in the role as Supplier Relationship Management Program Manager.  In her more previous roles, she managed a team of procurement agents supporting organizations on IT Infrastructure and Information Security.  Sharon is also a former Major in the United States Army Reserve and obtained her Six Sigma Green Belt certification from The Boeing Company.   

Sharon has a long history of being a strong champion and advocate for minority businesses.  She is currently serving her second two-year term as the Boeing Leadership Network Executive Board, Community Outreach Chair. In February, 2018, Sharon was honored with the 2018 Modern Day Technology Award presented by CCG Group at the Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) STEM Award Ceremony in Washington, DC.  In 2016, Sharon was honored with a Women of Color STEM Technology All-Stars award at the Women of Color STEM Awards Conference. 

In March, 2017, Sharon and the Enterprise Supplier Diversity team reached a milestone when The Boeing Company was awarded the 2016 National Corporation of the Year Award at the Northwest Mountain 2017 Annual Awards Dinner & Silent Auction.  Just one year later, Sharon returned to the same stage as the Council’s Board Chairperson where she presented awards of recognition to the 2017 Leadership Awards for MBEs/suppliers.

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(Source:  Sharon S. Lucas Bio)

Winning with MBE to MBE Business

The Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC) values Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) business engagement.  To highlight the benefits of MBE to MBE partnerships and collaboration, we interviewed Carmen Nazario, Minority, Woman and Veteran-Owner and President of ELYON International, Inc., and MBE to MBE advocate.

How active is your company with MBE to MBE business engagement?

We are quite active with the MBE community and have been steadily working with MBEs for over twelve years on various types of business engagements.  In some cases we were the prime contractor (prime) and they were the sub-contractor (sub).  In other cases we were the sub and they were the prime.  The earliest MBE partnership I can recall was around 2005.  The longest—and largest in terms of revenue—was a five year contract with a federal agency, which ended in 2017.  In that particular instance, ELYON International was the prime.

Overall, how did working with MBEs (past and present) impact your business?

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