On this page, you will find links to files containing Capabilities Statements submitted by MBEs participating in "Preparing for Effective Engagement" development series.

Please follow the steps below to complete your review of Capabilities Statements no later than Thursday, May 18th.

Step 1

Download the MBE Engagement Session Review Sheet and print a copy for each Capabilities Statement reviewed.

Currently, there are 12 Capabilities Statements to review so you will need 12 copies of the Review Sheet.

Step 2

Download or view the Capabilities Statements submitted by MBEs by clicking on the direct links provided below:


MBE Participants by Order of Appearance


Step 3

Please review each Capabilities Statement and provide your feedback on the Review Sheet.

Bring the Review Sheets with you on May 18th.

You will be using the same Review Sheet to provide your feedback of 2-minute introductory  communication presentations.


Thursday  May 18, 2017   

MBEs will present their 2-minute introductory communication, sales pitch or elevator pitch.

You will have about 5 minutes after each presentation to take notes and provide your feedback on the Review Sheet.



12:30 PM

12:45 PM

12:55 PM

1:05 PM

1:15 PM

1:25 PM

1:35 PM

1:45 PM

1:55 PM

2:05 PM

2:15 PM

2:25 PM

2:35 PM

2:45 PM



Panel General Session

General Microsystems, Inc.

Hovair Systems Manufacturing, Inc.

P&K Trading, Inc.

EcoBRite Services


inlingua Utah

Magellan Architects

Alcantar & Associates

Inabia Solutions & Consulting

TripleNet Technologies, Inc.

Kim's Embroidery, Inc.

ISG Cyber Security

Feedback from Member Panel




Sue DeFlorio

Ron Benman

Steve Moon

Ricardo Fuchs

RC Sunkara

Don Durham

Pedro Castro

Jimmy Matta

Duane Mack

Hans Gomez

Dana Weigel

Sarat Rachupalli



Please contact Alex Llorente at 253-243-6959 ext. 109 or via email at