Industry Cluster Engagement Sessions


Introduction:  Industry cluster engagement is a methodology by which the Council more intimately and narrowly focuses on Member and MBEs needs, creates the atmosphere for exploratory conversation, engagement, and drives business.  The methodology will bring MBEs that participate in the specific Industries for Members to meet and engage in a more focused dialogue which will effectively lead to contract opportunities.


Industry Clusters Defined:  Regional industries where current and future opportunities exist and future opportunities for MBEs to participate with specific industry leaders.   


  • Aerospace, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • MBE to MBE
  • Professional Services
  • Public Agencies, Utilities & Energy
  • Retail
  • Technology


Stakeholders:  Corporate Members, Public Agency Members, NMSDC Minority Business Enterprises, Northwest Mountain MSDC.


Why host Industry Cluster Engagement Sessions:  Historically, the Council has hosted an Annual Trade Show in accordance with NMSDC Affiliation requirements.  Over the last 5 years, participants remain the same, attendance has dwindled, and, engagement results have flattened.  To effectively stimulate engagement, connection, and growth of MBEs and Member Supplier Diversity processes, the Council will be hosting industry specific events. 


Purpose:  To meaningfully engage Members and MBEs in Real Time business opportunities within specific industries.  The desired output is:


  • Increase Member and MBE participation,
  • Increase focused participation, connection, engagement, and contracting,
  • Increase Member diversity spend and Increase MBE annual revenues,
  • Achieve 2016 Planned Budget Revenue of $46,400 (MBE fee for participation is $175.00 per cluster event), 
  • Build a pipeline of qualified and capable MBEs, and,
  • Comply with NMSDC Affiliation Requirements.


Industry Cluster Engagement Participants: 


  • Regional and National NMSDC Members – May participate in various Industry Cluster Events, and, 
  • Regional and National MBEs – May participate in various Industry Cluster Events.


Approach:  Northwest Mountain MSDC will manage all event logistics.  Council needs a 6 week lead time per Industry Cluster Engagement to insure event attendance and effectiveness is maximized.  In some instances, the Council will be hosting 2 events within a month’s period.


I.              Announce event dates and begin invitation process

1.    Calendar

a.    Establish calendar dates and times for each cluster engagement,

b.    Send out calendar and invite all members that operate within that industry to participate.

2.    Member Participation Request

a.    Invite Members to participate in Industry Cluster Engagement Events.

3.    MBE Search

a.    Council will

                                                          i.    conduct its own National Database Search for MBEs,

                                                         ii.    send out a request to each Council President requesting a list and profile of their regional Top 10 MBEs that have strength within the specific industry,

                                                        iii.    send the MBE list and profiles to participating members for their review, guidance, and invitation requests.

b.    Council will vet list of submitted MBEs and make recommendations to participating members,

                                                          i.    Members make the final determination re: invitation.

4.    MBE Participation Request

a.    Invite Council recommended MBEs,

b.    Invite MBEs specifically requested by Members.

5.    Members: Members nominate MBEs to participate

a.    Member may nominate MBEs with whom they do business to participate

                                                          i.    Objective is to introduce qualified, capable, and scalable MBEs to peer Members

6.    Members: Nominate Prime Supplier/Tier 1 Supplier to participate

a.    Member may nominate Prime/Tier 1 Suppliers to participate

                                                          i.    Objective is to actively engage as potential Tier 2 suppliers

7.    MBE expectations

a.    Come prepared for engagements,

b.     No Guaranteed contract.

8.    Finalize list of Attendees (Members and MBEs).

9.    Council sends out guidelines of how to prepare to meet with the Members.


II.            Day of Event Model (9:00am – 3:00pm)

1.    Check-in and option to get listed on MBE Directory

2.    Welcome by Northwest Mountain MSDC,

3.    Welcome by Host Company if venue is located at Member Site,  

4.    General Session re: Industry Itself,

5.    Keynote Address by Subject Matter Expert (SME),

a.    Future state of the Industry

b.    How to prepare for the future state

6.    Educational component,

7.    Lunch with SME Panel Discussion

8.    One-on-One Sessions between predesignated Members and MBEs,

9.    Closing Session (15 minutes).


III.           After Event Reporting

a.    Member engagement next steps,

b.    Event Recap

c.    Event + and –


IV.          Myth Buster

Break the perception that Members only care about Supplier Diversity to a minimal extent.


Cost:  The non-refundable registration fee is $175.00 per person per session.  The same fee applies to MBEs, corporations and public agencies.  Corporate and public agency members also have the option to cover the registration fees for any or all their invited MBEs.


Hotel Accommodations:  The Northwest Mountain MSDC will partner with local hotel(s) to provide discounted rates for Industry Cluster Session participants.  Hotel location and rates TBD.


Sponsorship:  Title Sponsorship is available for Corporations, Public Agencies and MBEs for $7,500.00 for each session.  The title sponsor of the Industry Cluster will receive the following benefits: 


I.      Rights & Access

a)    Rights to the Northwest Mountain MSDC name and marks for marketing    purposes (allowing your company to align with our organization publically)

b)    Access to attendee contact information for follow-up communication    purposes (use and communication must be pre-approved by Northwest    Mountain MSDC) 


II.    Promotional Channels

a.    Premier placement on (Approximately 45 Days    Placement)

b.    All event related, pre and post-event promotional materials will reflect your company as the exclusive title sponsor of the event

c.    Company logo and special mention on social media

d.    Company logo on email invitations

e.    Company logo on email event updates 


III.   Onsite/During Event

a.   Recognition in all printed materials at event (i.e., logo on event signage,    programs, etc.)

b.    Company logo on prominent event banner displayed at event

c.    Master-of-Ceremonies to recognize your company as the title sponsor of the event • Keynote Address by high level executive

d.    Ability to host raffle (information collection opportunity)

e.    8 tickets to the Industry Cluster Tradeshow


Annual Sponsorship:  The Industry Cluster Sessions are included in group of events that provide premier benefits to Year-Long Sponsors.  Year-Long sponsors will receive benefits based on level of Year-Long Sponsorship.


Company Logo:  Sponsor logos must be submitted in the following format:

Size:                Minimum size must not be smaller than 600 px Width

Image type:     JPEG or PNG

Resolution:      300 px


Advertising: Sponsors must follow these advertising guidelines:

Dimensions:     Full Page:          7.5” Width x 10” Height

              Half Page:         8.5” Width x 4.8” Height

              Quarter Page:   3.7” Width x 4.8” Height

Image type:      PDF (Flattened)

Resolution:       300 px

Bleed:               Non Bleed


Marketing:  The Northwest Mountain MSDC will leverage online marketing, social media and email marketing to generate value for the sponsors and participants.  Only current members and Certified MBEs are eligible to be invited the Industry Cluster Engagement Sessions but the new prospects and leads generated from the marketing buzz surrounding the events may become eligible for future events once they become members or NMSDC-certified.  The official hashtags for the Industry Cluster Engagement Sessions are #NWMTNcluster and #IndustryCluster.


Schedules, deadlines and more information:  Preparations for each session are carried out over 12-week periods and deadlines for each industry may vary. 


Contact the Northwest Mountain MSDC for more information.


Fernando Martinez

President and CEO


Mayra Rivera

Manager of Operations


Alex Llorente

Manager of Corporate Services, Marketing and Communications


Phone:             253-243-6959

Fax:                 253-243-6961




Online Portal:


Contact us to request Industry Cluster Engagement Sessions via email.