The Council


Fernando Martinez

President and Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Martinez leads the Northwest Mountain MSDC as President and CEO. He is responsible for helping develop minority business enterprises (MBEs) into organizations that can support the specific needs of the council’s corporate and public agency members. With over 30 years of experience in sales and operations, Fernando has managed and led business units within Washington Mutual Bank, Xerox, Starbucks, and Westin Hotels. Fernando holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas, El Paso and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. His leadership skills have resulted in successful collaboration between operations and sales to continuously deliver growing year-over-year efficiencies, revenue, and profits.  

Email:  |  Phone: 253-243-6959


Mayra Rivera

Manager of Operations

Mayra Rivera is the Northwest Mountain MSDC's Manager of Operations. She is a working mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family. She began as a temporary employee with the council in the latter part of June 2007, and became full-time employee later that year. She is fluent in Spanish, and brings to the council an extensive background in retail management, payroll, recruitment and office administration. She assumed the duties of Certification Manager for four years until her new role in operations. She assisted in implementing MS Project to streamline council activities. Photography, dance and art are some of her many hobbies and interests.  

Email:  |  Phone: 253-243-6959 ext. 170


Alex Llorente

Manager of Corporate Services, Marketing and Communications

Alex Llorente is the Northwest Mountain MSDC’s Manager of Corporate Services, Marketing and Communications. He manages campaigns to enhance and promote the Council’s services, events and year-round activities, while ensuring best value for members and sponsors.  As Marketing Director at Balita Media, Inc., he launched the US Asian Post, worked on numerous community projects and supported nonprofits and local organizations. He began his marketing career as Marketing Assistant of Jollibee while pursuing B.S. in Business Administration at Holy Angel University, Philippines.  Alex enjoys multicultural marketing, web development, copy writing and graphic design.

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Karla Malacon

Manager of Certification and MBE Services

Karla Malacon is the Northwest Mountain MSDC’s Manager of Certification and MBE Services. She is responsible for oversight, development and continuous improvement of the Council’s certification process for the region.  Karla is accountable for maintaining strict adherence to national certification standards. Recently graduated from the Michael G. Foster School of Business from the University of Washington, Karla received her B.A. in Business Administration with a focus in International Business and Marketing. She is fluent in Spanish and spent the last summer of her undergrad studying abroad in Spain. Karla enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and meeting new people.  As a new member of our team, Karla is excited to immerse herself into her role, grow the certified MBE pool, build relationships with current and new MBEs as well as our corporate and public agency members.

Email:  |  Phone: 253-243-6959 ext. 169